Car Care

Here at Tropical Auto Group we offer products to protect your new investment against the harsh Australian elements with specially formulated products. This package retains your vehicles new car look, by combining Paint, Fabric, Carpet, Vinyl & Leather, Electronic Rust and Window Tinting. All products are applied by our fully qualified Slip Stream Technicians in our workshop. For further details please see below, or contact our Customer Care department on 0749319378.


Electronic Rust
The electronic rust device slows down the chemical reaction between the steel in your vehicle and the oxygen, chemicals, salt and moisture that causes rust. The electronic rust system is designed to protect areas where spray rust can’t reach and can never fully recover. This system works 24hrs a day and will not affect battery life. Metal panels include:
> Roof, pillars and sills
> Doors, bonnet and boot
> Under body

NanoGuard Paint Selant 
The ultimate Glass Plexin technology designed to preserve and protect the variations of modern vehicle paintwork, maintaining its deep gloss proving an even greater protection against environmental factors which cause irreversible damage, let’s face it, first impressions count. Having Slip Streams highly developed Paint Selant applied to your vehicle will guarantee to lock in that original paint code colour thereby eliminating any chance of fading and premature aging. This product protects against:

> Bug Splatter
> Tree Sap
> Acid Rain
> Berry & Fruit Stains
> Watermarks

> Bird & Bat Droppings
> Industrial Fall Out
> Industrial Fall Out> Salt Spray
> Grime, Grease & Road Tar
> Colour Fading & Oxidisation

Interior Protection
The inside of your car is subject to repeated traffic and abuse. Like it or not, shopping spills, pets, perspiration, odours, dirt grease and grime are a fact of life and unfortunately contribute to the deterioration of a vehicles interior. Slipstreams unique blend of ingredients adheres to each individual fabric and carpet fibre creating a powerful defence against unsightly stains. Vinyl and Leather areas re nourished, sealed ad protected for everyday use and the unforseen accident, which will extend the life of the vinyl and leather. This is once only application that will maintain that factory fresh, new car look and feel.

Fabric & Carpet
> REPPELS – Oil, Water Based Stains, Food & Beverage
>STOPS – Odours, Fabric Fading & UV Rays
> Non Toxic
Vinyl & Leather
> STOPS – Splitting, Cracking, Fading
> Blocks out UV Rays
> Non Toxic



New Vehicles 20 year warranty / Used Vehicles* – 6 year warranty (*5 years or less from build date) All Slip Stream Warranties are Non-Transferable No Annual Inspections